We Introduce- MoscaMango!

 It took us over two years, 2000 recipe variations and a chemist to perfect this delicious blended cocktail.

We introduce: MoscaMango


As the name implies, MoscaMango is a blend of Moscato wine and mango pulp.  This beverage is the ideal complement to brunch, dessert, pre-dinner, summer BBQ, drinks with girlfriends, drinks with boyfriends . . . the possibilities are limitless!

Although there are a few other blended Moscato products on the market MoscaMango is the first to use real fresh mango pulp (which can be seen when you pour it).  Our process and ingredients are so particular that we have applied for a patent pending on the process.


At Bedford International, our family owned wine company; we use only the best product from the heart of the Moscato country, Canelli in Piedmont, Italy.

It was important to us to create a great-tasting, high quality beverage so we searched the world for the right variety of mango. Little did we know there are over a thousand to choose from!  We went with the Alphonso Mango from India.  This mango blended the best with the Moscato and was the most delicious in terms richness and texture.

We don’t mess around ; )

Stay tuned to learn more about Moscato, brunch, drink recipes, our company, giveaways and much more!